Keep your personal information safe

Enterprise-grade security with UrbanVault

No more worrying about the safety of sharing your private information over email and WhatsApp. UrbanVault uses encrypted security measures to shield your data from third party access on our platform.

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Encrypted documents

Secure by design

Our platform safeguards your documents with the highest encryption technology available - making it inaccessible to anyone other than yourself and the approved major bank you allow access to.

Documents self-destruct in 30 days

Whether your journey with us has reached its goal of a loan offer, or after 30 days of inactivity on your account, UrbanVault automatically erases your record with the best data destruction practice - leaving no chance of risking the safety of your private information. We do not make or retain copies of your documents.

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How we use technology to protect you


Our app uses industry-standard encryption to ensure protected transmission of data (HTTPS): AES-256 bit or better for RDS and S3 data encryption for data at rest and TLS 1.2 or better for transit.

Idle lockout

UrbanVault forces automatic signouts after inactivity to prevent unsanctioned access or use of the user’s account.

User Identity Protection

The bank can only access your contact details with your express permission. You can grant the bank this access either when submitting your application, or when you decide to accept a loan or refinancing offer.


How do we protect you from exposing yourself to security risk

2-Factor Authentication

When creating an account, UrbanVault requires all users to include their phone numbers as an added security measure.

Password Verification

We ask for your password when you submit an application and when you accept an indicative offer.

Activity log

You can request an activity log of your account on UrbanVault

How It Works

Create an account and upload all required documents
To multiple banks at once
or decline offer from bank

Simpler. Faster. Safer.
Everything in one place for your ease of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UrbanVault?

UrbanVault is a secure digital platform equipped with enterprise-grade encryption technology that allows you to apply for your home loan or home refinancing from multiple banks with just a few clicks.

You will only need to upload the required documents once, and you can use UrbanVault to submit your home loan applications to different banks that you qualify for during your account validity.

By using UrbanVault, you can receive and compare home loan offers on UrbanVault and secure your dream home in record time.

How secure is UrbanVault?

UrbanVault employs enterprise-grade encryption on all your documents uploaded, and only you and the authorized bank officers are able to view your documents. You control which bank you share your documents with.

Here are some key features of our Vault’s security:

  1. UrbanVault Engineers can't view your documents;
  2. Your documents will self-destruct within 30 days of inactivity of your account or upon completion of the application process, whichever is earlier, so you don't have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands;
  3. The entire process is secured and protected from unauthorised access;

UrbanVault will only retain your account information which includes your username, email address and mobile number registered and maintained with us during the account validation You may choose to delete your account from our system entirely after you have completed your application process.

Will my credit score be impacted if I try UrbanVault?

Your credit score will not be adversely impacted if you use or try UrbanVault. Your home loan will only be reflected in your CCRIS (Central Credit Reference Information System) credit report after you accept the home loan offer from a bank. So don't worry and get the best available home loan offers from the bank of your choice through UrbanVault.

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